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Centauri Group can provide them. Since 1989 we have been successfully helping corporate and private clients unearth the answers they want and need.

Our sizeable team of seasoned investigators has been rigorously trained in all aspects of investigation, including factual and surveillance work.

We adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Conduct of our industry bodies, the Institute of Mercantile Agents and the World Association of Detectives.


Harder Evidence: The quality of our evidence is second to none. The quality and quantity of our video evidence is industry leading. Our Technology, the latest and most reliable, including our own computer networking and software packages.


Larger and more experienced: Our team member’s average investigative experience is 19 years. Our most experienced investigators have well in excess of 25 years.


More scope and flexibility: Our investigators have experience in all areas of our service and are adept at fitting in all sorts of situations – from busy urban environments to small country towns.


Faster response: Our flexibility and resourcefulness mean we can always meet urgent instructions. We look at our clients more like partners, trying to envisage the tasks through their eyes and having the same desire for solid results.

Centauri’s 7 Points of Culture


    We will always remain true and faithful to ourselves (and by natural extension) our company and our clients.


    We will always act in an ethical and honourable manner so as to remain morally principled and maintain our reputation.


    We will always speak the truth, attempt to be correct at all times, genuine and sincere. Accept our role and remain devoted to our duty.


    We will believe in ourselves and others and therefore be ready to delegate as well as accept responsibility. We will always have a balanced and mature approach to work and remain dependable.


    We will always honour our commitments. What we promise is what we deliver. We will only make agreements we are willing and intend to keep. If an agreement is broken, fix it immediately.


    We will always be consistent in our actions so our clients see an adept and confident service provider. We will always stick to the system and deliver products of exceptional quality while striving to all the time improve. Good isn’t enough. Always attempt to do more with less.


    We will always attempt to use good judgment and remain diplomatic. Accept that as an individual we are to accept ownership of our actions and therefore care and prudence will be common place.

What we offer…



conducting surveillance in the modern era is a specialized skill that needs constant fine tuning. Media both social and other has had the effect of making people aware of their surroundings. Stalkers, peeping toms, AVO violators, drug dealers, work place theft and insurance fraud all require unique skills by investigators in order to remain incognito. At Centauri, we have encountered them all and kept them under close surveillance using techniques and technology acquired through years of experience.



gathering facts in an investigation takes more than boldly fronting up and asking a number of obvious questions. Fact finding and evidence gathering takes subtle finesse. Being able to follow a line of questioning that leads to the correct conclusion is an art form few investigators have acquired. A good investigator also must be able to read the person being interviewed and their surroundings. Observation is a skill not limited to surveillance alone. It also forms a major portion of the factual investigator’s arsenal. Our investigators have all these abilities and more and produce work to an industry leading standard.

Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

apart from having and utilizing the skills demonstrated above, investigating claims involving motor vehicles brings with it another unique set of issues. Was it a genuine accident or was it staged, was it stolen or misappropriated and what the financial position of the claimants is.

The CENTAURI difference

Hands-on involvement with every case

Both of Centauri’s directors have considerable experience and standing (almost 60 years combined) as respected, long term professionals in the investigation and surveillance industry, serving at a senior level on industry-related boards.

They are passionate about what they do and committed to delivering answers for their clients. And unlike many other large private investigation firms, our directors are still active in the field.

If you have any enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us.